Welcome Back – 2022

“Don’t be exclusive, be inclusive….not only in asana but every walk of life”

B.K.S. Iyengar 

I am excited to share that 22 years after I began my Iyengar yoga  journey as a teacher, I achieved level 3 status after a recent demanding  exam process.

The senior teachers of Australia  began cultivating Iyengar Yoga in this country in 1985. They are brilliant role models for all who have followed. Through them, I learnt to be a practitioner who is whole hearted and committed.  

BKS Iyengar created each assessment sequences to deepen the teacher’s understanding and ability to teach asana.  It is from this process that we are then able to relay these teachings to our students.

Iyengar believed, and I share this belief: We must feel the practice and absorb the messages that it is sending to us.

This assessment is a critical and hard-won milestone in my ongoing yoga journey. By completing it, I will maintain the standards of those who came before me – it is by no means the end of my learning path.

Having come from a school teaching background, I value the way the yoga practice helps to develop the tools and skills each of us need not only for our practice but for our everyday life.

I am excited to continue my yoga path of learning and enlightenment. As a level 3 senior teacher, I commit (or recommit) to  impart the teachings of BKS Iyengar to my student body.

I give gratitude to the student community of Yoga Atma for supporting me and being on this journey with me. 

As per our previous news post, we will continue to offer both in-studio and virtual classes. All classes will be face-to-face, however classes with Deb will have the option for zoom.

It is great seeing your faces back in the studio and mastering the online booking system. If you have any problems booking in to your class please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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