“Lauriston students and staff have been practising yoga with Deborah Kiven for the last 3 years.  Debra’s classes have been both accessible for the novices and rigorous for the more experienced, she is very inclusive of all age groups and fitness levels. 

We have noticed a marked improvement in the areas of stress management, calmness and general well being amongst both the girls and the teachers as a result of participating in Deb’s yoga classes. In a high performance environment like ours, this is priceless.

As a teacher, Debra is utterly knowledgable and experienced in the body science as well as the practice of yoga.  Working with minimal equipment she still manages to gain depth and breadth for each of her students.  Deb is compassionate and understanding, getting to know her students personally,  whether children or adults, and brings a good humoured and caring approach to every class.

I am delighted to provide Deb with this endorsement, namaste.”

– Nene Macwhirter Deputy Principal Lauriston Girls’ School

“Dear yogis and future yogis,

I am not going to tell you all my story as maybe it’s interesting only for me… Just wish to tell you what I think about Iyengar yoga and Teacher Debbie;

Iyengar yoga is more powerful and precise than other forms of yoga, the preps help you to achieve  the postures. 

As for Debbie I think she is one of the best yoga teachers in this world, very compassionate and knowledgeable. As for me it really saved my life, I cured most of my health issues thanks to my practice. I reckon that Debbie has healing powers, I saw it straight away. My advice for all is to follow her lessons as often as you can, and your life will take beautiful colours! 


– Marie


“Debra came into our lives 7 years ago. We are stronger, we breathe deeper, stand straighter and we can even do hand stands. We can do poses we never dreamt possible.”

Melma & Bernie Hamersfeld